Messages To Humanity Through My Art

Happy Voo Doo Timez! - This little guy started out as a simple yet shocking form of expression for me, my lonely artist. The first set was compiled of 3 diffent"messages" to human kind. In the following years this little Voo Doo dude became an unexpected reflection of me, what I was thinking, feeling and ultimately a direct explanation of my experiences and"opinions"(i hate that word!)...let's call them 'suggestions" instead! For the first ime in my life, this piece was the first time I ever blended 2 passions together, Art and are seeing the first of it's kind!This first picture was a what I considered to be a humorous yet brutal way to express how I viewed the world and it's people at that time in my life. I have recently"added" a caption to the bottom right hand corner saying:"And Still"I" Go On!
December 29, 2006 2:24pm CST
Do you feel that life is too tough sometimes and just give in or do you dig down to "where ever" it takes to persivere? We all have it tough and so have every human that has known this planet. We as humans have made it this why not dig a little harder and kill off things like stress and disease instead of depleting precious things like forrests, polar bears and overall human happiness?...humanity has brought all of us this far and it is now up to us to go further! LIFT YER HEAD UP AND MOVE FORWARD! Make life beautiful! Do you see any areas in humanity that
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