Messages To Humanity Through My Art

December 29, 2006 2:53pm CST
This is the second of the series....humanity can sometimes be found guilty, thinking they are caring and comassionate, and their icy, cold beating hearts are burried deep in the pits of their stomaches! Blinded by self greed, ultimately created a mere mask of who they really are and what they are in deception as oppsed to enlightenment. Living day to day with an "exposed" heat, or wearing it on your sleve, means that you are living your life as true to yourself as possible and not affraid to be honest, truthfull, emotional warriors of the truth to yourself....where is your heart right now?
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@dixielol (1581)
• United States
2 Jan 07
Wow, it sounds like you have no faith left in humanity. Im beatin that you had soemone brake your heart or somethig. Am I right? Remember there is good in everyone. To answer your qustion: Right now my heart is at the bottem of this 5th of Jim Beam. But dont worry, a few more sips & it'll be out. LOL!
• Canada
2 Jan 07 that where love has gone in the bottle of a 5th?..LOL! This world and humanity breaks my heart sometimes! I love humans, I love life, and I love learning about life. My heart has been broken as a youth and as a young adult, as have many of us...but I have made some sense of love and these days i focus on living my life and loving those who can tolerate me..LOL!..lucky for them I stopped drinking years ago! thanx Diss-Position ps..I NEVER lost sight that there is good in all of us...I just wonder where it went in most of us?...LOL!