Can You Earn From Thin Air? If so, HOW?????

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December 29, 2006 4:54pm CST
Many years ago while reading articles at random online, I discovered that there were all sorts of sites that offered a small stipend for simple actions. It could be clicking on a link and viewing an advertisement, answering a trivia question or shopping via a shopping portal. It began! I was hooked. I was amazed at the amount that a person could earn from participating. Call me addicted, call me a junkie, but call my attention to sites where this can happen and I am generally there. The first year I think I earned about $5000. That was during the beginning of the boom. As we all know, the did go boom and the bottom fell out so to speak. The next few years most online advertising (the core of the earning online) struggled. Sites came and went. Things changed. We saw the points systems of one sort or another arrive and the ability to "cash out" for cash, gift certificates, services, Amazon, PayPal, eGold or other forms of payment from the sites where I was earning. My interest moved from hobby to a more serious approach to it in the last 3 years. I researched more and more and found about 20 sites where I started memberships. Since I was in early retirement, I could devote as much or as little time to this as I wanted. It became a second income as I got more and more involved. I think I have participated in a little of everything to earn without spending a dime. I've done free offers, trivia (lots and lots of trivia), shopping, surfing through millions of pages viewing ads and who knows what else. Currently, I am involved in about 50 or more sites for trivia, surveys, search sites, Paid-to-Read sites and more. It isn't the kind of money that would make a person wealthy by any means but it is a good resource to supplement my household income. I won't say I am a pro, but I am sure well versed in how to earn. If anyone wants some simple advice on how to get started I'd be happy to help. I'm also interested in finding new ways to earn and for myself but they'd all have to be free. I never invest a cent in anything, never upgrade memberships and only want the challenge of earning from thin air with NO expense other than my computer and a connection fee. This is my first post to myLot and some of you who have been around for a while will have to be my guide to what we can or can't do here. I have read the guidelines but my short term memory problems give me fits if you know what I mean. I learn by rote so I may ask questions a lot about myLot! LOL Are there any earnings enthusiast out there besides me? That is why I came here too by the earn. Happy clicking! Ginger
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29 Dec 06
no im sorry i dont know any places for you but i was wondering if you could tell me what some of the places you went to. thanks.
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30 Dec 06
A couple of *tricks* I use to maximize my earnings is to use a form filler to keep from having to type in all those log in and passwords. I am using RoboForm because it is free and fast. Another *trick* is to use a tabbed browser that allows me to open more than one window. I use Maxthon and generally open about 25 emails in separate windows at a time. This allows me to work approximately 100 emails per hour. Almost all of the emails are for a search and I do a complete search for each. Perhaps these two tricks will help some of you to earn more quickly as well.