Cell Phones in Public

United States
December 29, 2006 5:26pm CST
Is me or do think people who use cell phones in public places like buses, banks, hospitals, etc. are RUDE!
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@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
6 Aug 07
I don't think it's rude to use in public. I think it's rude to be on the cell phone when your taking care of business and talking on the phone at the same time. now that gets on my nerves.
@disvachic (10121)
• United States
22 Apr 07
Now you talking about rude how about one day in the library this lady was talking extremely loud,mind you it was quiet as a mouse in there.She carried on a full conversation and everybody was looking at her like "will you shutup".She talked for almost an hour until the librarian asked her to tone it down.I mean that was rude people were in there trying to read,study and meditate.She was off da hook.
@hezoid (2147)
10 Mar 07
I think they are rude when they use them in places where you are specifically not allowed too, but also rude if they are having a really loud conversation at an inappropriate place too.
@tater03 (1765)
• United States
29 Dec 06
I hate this also. I do have a cell phone but it is only used in case of emergencies. The ones I hate the most are the ones that insist on using them in the hospitals. I see it all the time even after they have been told that it could effect machines in the hospital. Drives me nuts.
@supninder (447)
• India
29 Dec 06
i dont think there anything so that they can be called as rude. i think we know where to use our cells and where to switch off them. where ever switching off of cell phones is required,its clearly specified ,if we obey these regulations,it would be very good on our part.
@uvacerba (427)
• Italy
29 Dec 06
if the telfonata one is not private but urgent I say to the cell in public but wrapped puo also to disturb