December 29, 2006 8:14pm CST
i was married on june 17 2006 do i file my taxes as if we were married the hole year,or is there a way to file half the year married and half single.
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@sigma77 (5385)
• United States
30 Dec 06
You cannot file part of the year married and part single. The best way to file is likely "married jointly". The only other possibility is filing "married separately", but this usually increases the amount of tax you will pay.
@exchange (949)
• Australia
30 Dec 06
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it depends on you country/state it depends on your tax law it depend on many things you give no information to go on with the information you have given i would say you are a tax cheat, more information is required
• United States
30 Dec 06
Speaking from personal experience only and I have been doing taxes for several years for some small business owners; you will need to choose between married filing jointly or married filing separatly. The IRS doesn't care when you got married in the year. Even if you got married on Dec. 31, you would still have to claim married. You will probably get more back if you claim married filing jointly, but it depends on both of your incomes and what write-offs you both have. I would probably have someone do your taxes for you this year, if it is at all confusing to you. It is better to be safe than sorry.
@moneymind (10521)
• Philippines
30 Dec 06
it would be better to ask some revenue officer for that, i believe they can give you some good answers about it. greetings. : )