Top 5 Should Help Britney Ring in 2007

@weee_ann (1454)
December 29, 2006 10:34pm CST
After her separation from Kevin Federline, Britney Spears hit the clubs with new cohorts -- most notoriously, Paris Hilton -- and experienced one too many T.M.I. moments. Here's hoping for a real Britney comeback in '07 with more new friends, and some positive influences, in tow:5. ROSIE O'DONNELL The View host has already made a "purely maternal" suggestion that the singer move in with her family. And while we love how protective Rosie is (Paris wouldn't be visiting!), what's most enticing would be that house's pantry: Pair Rosie's love for Keebler cookies with Britney's Cheetos cravings, and they'll be in the comfort zone. 4. SIMON COWELL Sure, he's American Idol's harshest judge, but Simon might just have what it takes to make Britney's new album a blockbuster -- some stone-cold, honest feedback. We want another huge hit for the popster, so c'mon, Britney, make like the old days and give it to us "...Baby One More Time"!3. CHRISTINA AGUILERA "Dirrty" for a spell, and now tastefully sexy and married, Christina's developed a trademark style that's retro, fun and even leaves a little to the imagination -- just what Britney needs. Plus the fellow former Mousketeer is gracious; she recently bought something "adorable for colder weather" for Spears's children. 2. MARY J. BLIGE The eight-time Grammy nominee is the comeback queen, and she can teach Britney a thing or two about moving on. Since recovering from bad relationships and substance abuse, Mary J. is the one who can say it best: "No More Drama."1. PEGGY POST Britney is a Southern woman, and what better way to honor those genteel roots than with a few lessons from the etiquette guru? A review of the basics never hurt anyone, from which fork to use to how to properly cross one's legs. Just imagine Ms. Post whiling away a Saturday night at Les Deux: No dancing on the tables!
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