purpose of this discussion forum

December 30, 2006 12:05am CST
good day gentlemen and women.. hope all of you are doing fine.. i am a new member of this forum.i was really curious about what the discussion topics would be.but so far what i ave seen in the discussion list i would say it hardly matters to the future ...instantaneous reactions and situations etc.. don matter much as a discussion topic.then i realised probably its a personal problem discussion forum, as far as i have thought discussions abt present problems,threat faced by the human race are a better topic rather than any other silly topic.such a forum is hardly available.as this successfully provides a platform for the interaction of people worldwide. there are a number of topics about which we have to exchange words,then when a situation raises we can follow what we stood for.now to realise what we stand for ...we need to discuss till we reach the truth. any one disagrees with these points??? well i would rite more as of now... unless i realise where i am ... looking for a proper understanding of this forum .. yours sincerely mr.rao
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