Rural or urban.

@GardenGerty (96787)
Marion, Kansas
December 30, 2006 12:51am CST
I work with kids grade 3 and under. In third grade we talk about the differences between rural, urban and suburban communities, what do you consider your communtity to be. McPherson, Ks. is a larger rural community, but we also have a lot of industry in our town. Tell me about where you live.
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@neilf49 (810)
30 Dec 06
I live in a rural town with very little industry now. The town, Wesham, is between the City of Preston and the seaside resort of Blackpool in the north west of England. The area has been a settlement for hundreds of years, they recently excavated some Roman artifacts when modernising a store. The industry that was here, cotton and woollen mills have long gone and the last remaining mill has now been split into units for a few small businesses. The people around here are nice enough, although I don't see many of them as I work out of town and the town is not my hometown, I've only been here a few years.
@GardenGerty (96787)
• Marion, Kansas
30 Dec 06
Isn't is strange how long it takes for a town to become your hometown? Thanks for posting. I guess most people commute to ther towns for work, since there is little industry, right? Or do people do something agricultural for a living?
@cjsmom (1423)
• United States
10 Jan 07
Gerty, I think we would be considered, rural? Is that like, out in the country? Anyway, we live in Hennepin, IL. population 700 (actually, at least 703, now that we're here). But we live on the outskirts, in a wooded area across from the wetlands (boondocks to me). We don't like living closer than an acre to anyone; enjoy our privacy and the beautiful country.
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