What do you think about Saddam Heussein's execution?

@Maeica (169)
New Zealand
December 30, 2006 1:26am CST
Hey, everyone out there, what do you think about Saddam Heussein's hanging today? Do you think he deserved it? Or do you think that he shouldn't have been hung, regardless of all the bad things he himself did to others? I heard on the news that some people were dancing round his dead body and thought that was more than a tad gross. Do you think pictures of him hanging will end up on the internet or in newspapers round the world eventually? Do you think that it's good that they do? Do you think there were lots of others involved in the things he did and he is just being made into a scapegoat? He must have had some other supporters, where are they all now, or were they all executed? If he wasn't hanged, what else could possibly have been done with him?
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