Most Americans want peace, these "Americans"want war

@andygogo (1580)
December 30, 2006 2:09am CST
A disproportionate number of supporters of Israel operate in the White House. These advisors to G W Bush have been giving financial and military support to Israel, they have instructed the USA to veto every UN resolution against Israel and have succeeded in doing this without allowing a single anti Israel resolution to be carried. To verify this see the UN list of failed resolutions against Israel. Pro Israel Americans in powerful positions in the USA have been shown to have supported the attack on Iraq using a string of lies. These same people are gearing up for an attack on Iran. What we are seeing is a war between Israel against Islam due to the presence and expansion of Israel onto ancient Arab land. .I do not think The UK should take part in this war; countries like France and Germany agree and refused to be tricked into using money and the lives of their young soldiers to fight for Israel. Israel has a hold on the minds of USA legislators, this is clear. A good example is the fact that Israel is now at this very moment Ignoring international law in Gaza by committing reprisals against civilians and collective punishment; all America has done is to ask Israel in a subservient fashion to "practice restraint" At this very moment there are between 35 and 40 senior White House "advisors" monitoring every move GW Bush makes. These are the "Americans" who want to use american recources "for the interests of Israel" and this means war not peace.
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