Fine - The Vaguest Word in a Woman's Vocabulary

December 30, 2006 3:50am CST
What is with women, when they use this word? Is it a built-in, evolutionary trick used to catch us men off guard? Or do they really mean it when they say fine? There's the answer to the question "How are you doing, honey?" - "fine..." - now guys, here's the subtle decode for this version, it will trail of into almost a kind of sigh. This usually means that they want you to probe further as if something isn't quite right but she doesn't want to come right out and say it. Most guys make the mistake of taking it literally, as of course they should, but this is a mistake. This usually ends up either creating a fight later on because she will say you should have known better to which you'll respond "I don't have ESP" or some variation thereof. Then there's the end-tag to an arguement you might be having. It'll escalate to the point where there's no clear right or wrong and she'll say "fine" and storm off. WTF? Usually this does not mean fine, it translates into something more like "I'm clearly not winning so I'll make a dramatic exit by saing 'fine' and running off making him feel like a jerk," or something like that. Any other guys have any "fine" stories or anything similar that is quirky about their women or just women in general? Any women have some first person insight into why this is such a broad-meaning word for you?
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31 Dec 06
Well, when I use the 'fine' word, it is because I know that whatever my opinion, idea or solution whatever the discussion is about, it will not be enough. I think this is an indication of a communication breakdown. If you are really concerned, you both need not only to talk it out, but listen with empathy to what the other is saying...SS
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@loise19 (214)
• Philippines
30 Dec 06
try reading the book by john gray/grey..its entitled 'men are from mars women are from venus" then you'll better understand the difference between the sexes