Am I being Bullied

December 30, 2006 3:56am CST
I work for a big retail company, in their cafe. When i applied for the job all i wanted was checkout work, all they had to offer was the cafe at the time. So i said i don't have any experience, they said that was ok because they would train me anyway. So my first day there i got on really well, they had a company trainer that thought i had been there ages. So over the weeks when they were short staffed i would offer to do extra, always on time and never off sick. But the manager of the department she never showed me what to do but when i done it wrong she would moan at me. Sometimes she would not even speak to me, if i asked for help she would say she was too busy. then i burnt my fingers really bad in the deep fat fryer and had to go to hospital. they said i could not get them wet and to keep them away from heat. so i told my personel manager who said they would change my department for the time being. but the day i turned up to work i was told i had to go back into the cafe. so i went but my manager was to busy to show me the till, so i tried my best but she was always moaning because i got it wrong. Some days she would not even speak to me. can anyone who has readn this please give me some help.
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