How you are celebrating new year?

December 30, 2006 3:57am CST
Millions of minds, millions of thought, million of preperation, millions of planniing and yes endless dreams. We all want to celebrate this new year with our own passion, and it should be. I discussed with my friends and what they answered I will tell you, perhaps it would be helpful you to decide what to do? My question: Waht you are going to celebrate new year? Katrina : I am just full of cheerssssssss! I will shop at malls, have a dinner with my boyfriend and of course a *** kiss*** to make this year very special and memorable. Glen : Hey! I will do something different this year. I will prepare a cake for my family. Because I love to celebrate new year with my family. I will arrange some candle lightlings, have fun with some indoor games with my youngers and I am planning for a picnic at city park. Mrs. Thomas : As usual I will celebrate this year at my home with my daughter Rubina and my cute husband Tomas. He always do something different every year. Really I don't know how he will surprize us this year. Pimpy: We have planned a picnic on 1st January. My all friends will be there. Now I am busy to list out, what we need there. Gozo : Hummm! I am just 000000..... I love to have parties at new year eves. A small cocktail and lots of fun with my girld friend. And there are so many thought I got from my friends. I have not decided exactly what to do this new year eav. My friends are coming today at my home, and then we will decide. Again plans count as the head is counted. Ok!!! what you are planning to do this new year eve????????
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