What if the Amerikan Regime redo 1929?

@andygogo (1580)
December 30, 2006 8:37am CST
Mr. Flotsam, Mr. RaymondUSA....what should be our preparedness should the 1929 style depression is unleased on the world? I reckon, the HIGH DEBT is there. The current Hedge fund Hot Money is doing havoc with countries like India loosing up to 30% of its stock value, other ASIAN countries loosing almost all the gains it made since January 2006 or about 15% lost value! Now USA is increasing interest rate, Hedge funds are making all kind of commodities priced beyond normal value.......is this a threat? Would the following action be sufficient. (1) Asian economies start to appreciate the local currency versus the US$. (2) Start to use BASKET OF CURRENCY approach in the FOREX RESERVES of individual countries. (3) Increase money supply so that companies are not squeeze and be able to maintain their credit lines. I am just wondering whether a 1929 situation could happen again...we must be prepared.
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