Working in a Master Mind Alliance

@cjbart (20)
United States
December 30, 2006 9:52am CST
Ever had a great idea? Ever shared it with those you though cared? Shot down laughed at, sad end to a great idea. A secret known by all very succesful people, Ford, Edison, Carnegie, Burbank, Firestone,is they formed and constantly met with their Master Mind Alliance. Never share your dreams with bopeep failures. Seek out hose of like mind. You would be amazed at how easy the "big guy" are to connect with. They got here by saying YES YES YES. Invest in yourself. Read Think & Grow Rich. Develop your Master Mind Alliance and rule your destiny. Don't believe it works? Pm me and I will share names of ordinary people doing extr-ordinary things because of the Master Minding. Free Copy Think & Grow Rich below
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