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Rate The pic - Ash on Tv Top
@unaware (129)
December 30, 2006 10:21am CST
This is a pic taken by me today morning, i saw ash on tv top n i clicked and it looks an awesome click. What do you guys say? Rate the pic between 1 - 10
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• India
3 Jan 07
The moment i read your discussion ,i took Ash for Aishwariya Rai and kept on searching for Miss universe in the picture which you have uploaded. But to my bad luck i was unable to find one. Then i read your message again and viewed the photo again to find only Cigratte Ash. Well your photography is really good one and you can really become a very good photographer but i dont understood whats your purpose behind uploaded such photo. Also i am non smoker and i want everyone who smokes to leave smoking so i will rate this picture as 3