Terrorism How can it be stopped

@dravid (1050)
December 30, 2006 10:32am CST
suggest.....what are the root causes of terrorism....
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• Indonesia
30 Dec 06
The root causes of terrorism is... not economy, not nationalism, not religion, but... it's all about injustice.
• India
30 Dec 06
It's not easy to stop terrorism. These are some of the ways that have been tried. 1. Hunt down the terrorists Terrorists are very hard to catch, even if you know what they look like. Osama Bin Laden is probably top of the USA's most wanted terrorist list, but he's still hiding from the USA's armed forces. New volunteers often take the place of any terrorists who are captured or killed. These apologists tell us that the root cause of terrorism is the deprivation of national and civic rights, and that the way to stop terror is to redress the supposed grievances that arise from this deprivation. But the root cause of terrorism, the deliberate targeting of civilians, is not the deprivation of rights. If it were, then in the thousands of conflicts and struggles for national and civil rights in modern times we would see countless instances of terrorism. But we do not. 2. Attack people who help terrorists This was what happened in Afghanistan. The USA and Britain attacked the Taliban government for allowing al-Qaeda to set up bases in Afghanistan. Without help it is harder but not impossible for terrorists to operate. 3. Prevent attacks Improving security at airports, stations and public places has stopped attacks. Getting the public to be more vigilant is also important. There is always a new target or a new type of attack - so it's hard to be ready for everything 4. Political answer Involving groups of people with terrorist connections in politics. This can be very unpopular because it might look like the terrorists have won.