Putting away Christmas Decorations

United States
December 30, 2006 10:42am CST
I love Christmas, I love putting out all my decorations that I collect through the years. Each has it's own spot in the house, each compliments another, each has a memory of where it was bought or who gave it to us, or where we found it. And when the decorating is all up, it just looks so pretty! So homey and cozy! I do love that! But now, it's 5 days past Christmas, and in addition to all the decorations, there is a massive amount of new childrens toys, board games, books, movies, clothes, that are found near the tree......and today is the day that it all gets put away!! As much as I love the decorations, there is a clean, uncluttered feel to putting it all back into those big rubbermaid totes, and stuffing them back into the attic/basement and saying goodbye to them for another year. Then I get to enjoy the clean, uncluttered, fresh look of the house without all the decorations! What about you? How long do you leave up your decorations? Are you excited to "have your house back" once they are put away?
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