love with friends husband

December 30, 2006 12:21pm CST
hey what you people would do in such kind of situation i know what you people would suggest me to do i am quite confused after my best friends marriage her hubby started keeping an eye on me,he started doing things to impress me i donot know how but he really got me and we fel in love with each other. then he said he will get divorce from my friend and wants to marry me and when i said no he is black mailing me as he said he has saved all the chat we did,and recorded phone calls and will show this to my parents helpppppppppppppppppppp
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• India
31 Dec 06
He is not Bush and you are not Saddam to be executed for ridiculous reasons. What if he has recorded all the chats? Let him show it to everybody, and you must suffer nothing but a shameful day for having such an idiotic contact with him. But never think to trait your friend who has always trusted you. Ask him to reveal everything to everybody and he would never reveal anything to anybody! If you find some more convincing reply to cotinue with him, it is your fault and you would be succumbed to betrayal.
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• India
31 Dec 06
hey thankyou that was really helpful i am quite confsed what to do i would wait for some more responses and then let see...
@suren2k6cse (2626)
• India
23 Jan 07
better cut the relationship and move away from him. Tel your parents about your situation
@phon4u (2217)
• Laos
6 Jan 07
please do not do any action back to your freind's husband. You will lose your respect from your friend, and ending up your relatioship. You are still young and there are a lot of men around just keep eyes on good ones and goo lookings as well.
@lavkul (473)
• India
31 Dec 06
So what he can not force strong and he will be help less.