4.7 litre 02 have to crank it over to get it to start

December 30, 2006 2:34pm CST
You go out to the truck and it doesent start right away you have to crank it over for 10-20 seconds to get it to start when it does start it runs at about 250rpm and for a second runs roungh. Then it runs fine but the next time you go to start it, its fine no trouble. I already had the dealer put a new fuel pump beacause they said the check vavle was gone. It always starts but drives me nuts.
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• Iraq
30 Dec 06
Sir, there are several things you must tell me to help you. First, what kind of vehicle, what type of weather are you having at the time you start this vehicle, what type of fuel you use, is this vehicle a daily driver, work truck or car, and what are your driving habits. Do you have a lead foot or are you slow and cautious? How many miles does the vehicle have on it. There are several things that could be wrong so to narrow them down supply the info and I will do my beast to help you. Yes, I am a mechanic and have been working on vehicles and building them for about 16 years. Let me know.
• Canada
31 Dec 06
Hi I am from sarnia Ontario It is a Dodge Ram 4 wheel drive with the 4.7 litre. I notice that it tends not to do it when it is cold, then it started doing in the rain but its all the time really the weather doesent seem to make a difference. I drive it easy every day I do step on it every once in awhile. I run 89 octane fuel in it and I have tried premeum it dosent matter. It only has 70 000kms on it and I already had the fuel pump changed. Its all under Chrysler warranty but they cant figure it out. I just wondered if anyone experienced the same problems Thanks for the reply let me know what you think.