is beauty related to love

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December 30, 2006 2:37pm CST
as wr wb...dear ma sistaz and brothaz..this is an old aricle in ma site.. To answer this Question, we must know two things. One thing is as being a teenagers you should understand love very well. and adults too. Love is a simple word but great in meaning. Full of gravity. There is no doubt. That we find it very meaningful although no one on earth can define its exact meaning yet. But I believe that most of us felt the gravity. 2nd we must know the difference between spiritual and material love. Spiritual love is love that is free from carnal desires-love for the sake of the soul per se. It is based being proud of who ever you love. It is innocent love and it can live forever; in it, we love the character, the beauty of the manner, and the way of thinking, it is mature love. On the side, material or physical love is based on lusts of the flesh and carnal desires; it is immature love and won’t last for long because it is based on loose thinking. So, obviously, spiritual love is more meaningful and civilized. And always remember that beauty is all about inside. It is important to differentiate between admiration and love You might see a beautiful girl and quickly say that you have fallen in love with her, but that is just admiration, the first step towards love. This “calf love” of green youth as we may call it, is judged by just appearance and without experience. And that ends wit pain. Physical beauty is only skin deep, so we must not judge by outer appearance only. Physical beauty is mortal but the beauty of the spirit is immortal; in it, you love the soul itself. You dedicate all beautiful meanings of love to your partner; you wish you were a great poet to describe your love only for her. Hence, some philosophers see the solution is to compromise by striking a balance between both the needs of body and the needs of soul, to build a balanced character taking into consideration that the soul is the crystal core of love. So set your soul free. What I wanna to say to all of you guys and girls is, do not allow yourselves to get hurt, do not allow yourselves to live in the illusion of love at 1st sight that ends with pain. Open your hearts only when you feel your love is shared and returned. Sharing feelings is natural language of true love. That is true love guys. Our hearts are precious possessions that Allah gave us; we should keep them safe from hurt. Please learn how to love because if we miss that one true love, we have nothing left. so let me know what you guyz think Is beauty related to love.. is it tha key to love some one????or is it tha linkage that bondz tha loverz??? thank you and allah bless us all where ever we are...
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