Any babywearing mamas (or daddies) out there?

United States
September 27, 2006 11:57pm CST
Anyone else here wear their babies? What's your favorite carrier? We've been experimenting with an Onbuhimo lately. I'm not sure I'm in love with it, to be honest. My fave is by far the woven wrap - mine is a lovely yellow solarveil. Have been using it since newborn, and still use it today with a 2 year old. It's from
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24 Oct 06
I own several slings in different fabrics (fleece, cotton, and mesh), a fleece pouch, cotton pouch, and a rebozo. I like all of them for different reasons. It's so hard to pick a favorite, don't you agree?
• United States
11 Nov 06
Yes. I have about 20 different slings (well, I make them...) and like each one for different reasons. Though, I gotta say, for all-purpose use, the wrap is hands-down my favorite. If I could only own one, it'd be my solarveil wrap.
• India
8 Feb 13
Thanks for sharing Here in our mall baby slings are available but they are not popular, very few women use them, my daughter in law had bought one but never used it, we have 2 maid servants who take care of our grandkids while young.
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25 Jan 07
YES she says as she is wildly jumping up and down with excitment to find another baby wearer on here LOL!! I am addicted to baby wearing. My favorites are The Moby wrap and TheSlingSet sling. I just did a write up on my blog recently about baby wearing you might have to go in a few pages to find it but it's there...
@mommycrat (148)
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24 Jan 07
I just posted an identical thread. : ) I'm in love with my Gypsy Mama wrap right now. I love the comfort of mei teis (sachi especially), but I can just tie on my wrap in the AM and pop baby in and out all day long. It's wonderful.
@LovingIt (5398)
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8 Oct 06
I don't have an answer for you, but this looks like a good question, so thought I'd answer and get it back out there for you. Maybe you'll get a response this time.