Typing at Home

United States
December 30, 2006 7:49pm CST
Have searched and searched for a typing job to perform at home. I have seen many on the internet, but they cost. I can't pay for something when I'm trying to earn a living.
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• India
31 Dec 06
The very first thing we should take care when we search for a typing job or for that matter any job in the Internet is this : You should not take your Credit Cards with you. For if you are an impulsive buyer you will surely give your credit card numbers to the Internet sharks having the gift of gab. There are many looking for the gullible and the foolish to be coned . They will drain your bank account without your knowledge. The Golder Rule is this: Don't pay in Advance. Never pay in Advance. They may ask $40 or $90 promising you a Do at Home that they claim will bring you $3000 a day! Why don't those fellas do that work themselves and stay at their home. No trustworthy company asks you to pay in advance. Tell them that you would pay from the pay checks you receive for your work. WISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A VERY HAPPY AND WONDROUS NEW YEAR!!! It is my belief that every person is good at something and with your age you might have acquired one or more skills in your life. Why don't you try to write about those skills? It might be about everyday things and that is what all these millions of websites ar about. Write clearly and in a very interactive way. You may visit sites like Constantcontent.com or Associatedcontent.com, register there and submit your articles. They pay about $10 to $100 for articles on any subject when the article you post is sold to others. These sites are reliable. I have no associations with this site and I registered with Constantcontent.com a week ago. Good Luck.