Messages To Humanity Through My Art

Click on Art for FULL SIZE VIEW!!!! - #7(2004) This piece came to light through a time period where I really felt that I did not "belong"...the compfort that I have since established is a result from really noticing that none of us "really" belong!  We are ment to not completely "fit" is what fuels the human drama.

This is one of my personal favorites! 
* note that he is pretty much sewn back together, bandaids, needle and thread, and a BIG open book of truth! This is the second time he has shed a tear(first time was in the "Timing" piece #7...expressing human emotion for the second time....He likes it!
December 30, 2006 7:58pm CST
Have you ever felt that U just don't belong? Don't know where U fit? If you can relate with this...please explain when U "realized" that you didn't "fit"...Do you feel more "in place" now?....Is it really even all that important? How do you feel about having to "fit"...if you feel anything about it at all?
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