Military technologies needed by PERSIA...

@andygogo (1580)
December 30, 2006 9:20pm CST repel AMERIKAN REGIME invasion! What does a PREDATORY military nation possess? (1) Greater Logistic Reach... (2) Better Sight.... (3) Flying higher... (4) Further Ballastics.... (5) Bigger bang..... Simple cheap strategic solutions could neutralized the AMERIKAN REGIME predatory moves..... (1) Greater Logistic Reach.. Maybe SPECIAL UNITS to sabotage AIRFIELDS, ROAD, and RAIL... Special sea units to block sea access.... High speed MISSILE BOAT to sink AIRCRAFT CARRIERS... (2) Better sight.... maybe buy 200 top of the line CHEAP RUSSIAN FIGHTERS to shoot down drones, and fight it out with weaker SEA BORNED AIRCRAFTS.. use the SHAHAB 2 missile to MINE the geostationary space ABOVE PERSIA to destroy AMERIKAN REGIME SPY SATELITES.....maybe buy from China the MINI SATELITES TECHNOLOGY..which can be converted as SPY SATELITES killers. ie. imagine putting 1,000 or more MINI SATELITES and get it to EXPLODE when spotting by remote damage or destroy satalites in geostationary orbit above PERSIA. (3) Flying highers... no help when there is no SIGHT from space and no drones.. maybe some Russian missiles... (4) Shooting further... scour the world for gun replacements that can shoot further AND MORE ACCURATE than AMERIKAN REGIME TANK and GUN UNITS. (5) Frighten the Amerikan Regime.. with a possible few nukes.....FEAR IS ENOUGH.... Strategic Spending, and not OVERSPENDING... Use MILITIA RESERVES.... Maintain special units for special functions... Do not overdo the Nuclear programme, it is a EXPENSIVE system.. good luck!
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