What is your opinion of Wiccan practices?

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December 30, 2006 11:14pm CST
While growing up I was always taught to be tolerant of all religious pratices and to have an open mind about all things in the world. Though as of recently I have heard a lot of condemning of the Wiccan faith, and a lot of stuff being said that nothing good comes from it. Out of curiosity I have been to a few Wiccan ritual ceremonies and I didn't find anything of the evil nature being carried out. To me it all seems very peaceful. I truely think that it's being condemned because people aren't taking the time to understand the Wiccan religion. Those are my thoughts..So I will find it interesting to hear your opinions on this matter.
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• Philippines
19 Jul 07
i myself is a solitary witch...its more of a principle...the 5 elements that you have to balance in your life...merry meet and merry part...
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• Philippines
10 Jul 07
I am not the type of person who condemns religions or beliefs. Im open to all influences and cultures as they dont teach evil. I think the real evil here is when religions start to despise other religions that do not correspond to their beliefs. As for me, as long as someone's belief do not hurt people (becoz there are cults and occults that teaches people to sacrifice their children, etc.) I would be willing to tolerate.
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@Ravenladyj (22951)
• United States
31 Dec 06
Well I am not Wiccan myself though I did follow that path for a brief period before starting on the one I'm on now....is there any evil in it? No of course not in fact most earthy type paths are very passive and gentle...same with eastern ones like Buddhism and the like...I think the only issue I have with Wicca is the fact that it teaches ppl who follow it to concentrate far too much on structure and gadgets (tools) which IMO takes away from the true nature of it all ya know..but that is just my personal thoughts on it..
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