Do u think jealousy is good?

@maapav (730)
December 31, 2006 12:37am CST
I think jealousy is good to some extent.It must be there so that we can strive more. Yes I too feel jealous sometimes but I think I use it for my advantage.It must create a healthy rivalry.But over jealousy must be avoided as it is not only good but injurious.
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• United States
31 Dec 06
Some jealousy is good, it can make your partner feel good or you, if it is not too much. If it is too much or too often it is not good at all. I have seen many relationships fall apart due to going over board on the jealousy.
• Philippines
31 Dec 06
sometimes yes but if it happens all the time, it and just ruin any relationship. So for me, we need to control our emotions especially with jealousy.