democracy needs civil war

@andygogo (1580)
December 31, 2006 12:52am CST
All democratic countries should follow the example of Iraq -- starting a civil war. Nothing can resolve the political and ethnic divides, that democracy causes, more effectively than a civil war. But the most important reason for this letting out of steam internally is so that it does not spread externally. For example, should Iraq be united, as a mob under demobcrazy, it would surely declare war on America. And in America, the present-day's evil-be-the-muslims is no worse than the inferior-be-the-blacks, which was finally resolved by such a civil war. America, therefore, also needs a civil war to resolve this mulsim issue. On the other hand, again, without American fighting a civil war, the Axis-of-Evil No.2, Iran may get it next from America. And, of course, there is Taiwan. The chiwawa of a President Chen is desperately trying to start something with China. Such a conflict, if ignited in the name of democracy, would spread world wide. And Taiwan may be wooing another 2-18 incident(a massacre when Chiang first landed in Taiwan), if not a cleansing bloodbath. So, the opposition party, now led by Mr. Horse, should simply remove Chen by force via a civil war. The resulting authoritative government would be a compatible partner for China. Taiwan and China could then cleanse out themselves once for all of the conflict prone phenomena of democratic politcs. This is how the world should trade local wars for global peace. This is how the democracy war machine could be tamed. One way to further reduce the scale of conflict might be a regime change to kings and dictators, or, for the best odds, bet on the elders. When something goes wrong, only a few heads would roll.
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