Safer or dangerous life?

December 31, 2006 2:56am CST
Is life safer or becoming more dangerous with modern technology? I`d say it is rather becoming more convenient,
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• United Arab Emirates
31 Dec 06
@sweetie88 (4559)
• Pakistan
31 Dec 06
No doubt! life has become more better and interesting by new inventions of science but there is no doubt in it too that therre r its many disadvantages e.g. nuclear power. I think that life is on both states now its safe too and dangerous too due to modern technologies but i think that the tend of using negatively modern technologies is increasing now-a-days so life is becoming dangerous a bit now.
@swasti (1157)
• India
31 Dec 06
well with modern tech i think we r having both good and bad things as well there r 2 sided to any coin. ofcourse it is becoming more convenient but each has its own drawbacks. * we have got vehicles which makes us move faster-but have to be aware of accidents,poollution * we have got evrythign computerised and we can even read mails and books from CD's...but we are loosing the pleasure of reading in books and papers...also working with a computer causes health problems ,for eyes, then also we get back ache * we have found wonderful medicines to cure diseases, but they have side effects which are long term. so for everythibng in this world as advances are ther ...there are also problems with them.