reve candlewax from a carpet

June 23, 2006 8:10pm CST
lounge carpet has a wax spillage on it. how can i remove the wax?
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@ilse72 (1453)
• United States
6 Oct 06
First use a brush or your hands to remove as much of the excess wax as you can from the carpet. Be careful not to unravel the pile. Do not pulling on the loops in berber or sculptured carpeting as it can cause a "run" ruining the rug. Then you need paper towels and an iron. Put the iron on the lowest setting and when it is warm, place a paper towl over the wax. Gently apply the warm iron to the paper towel; the wax will begin to liquefy and the paper towel will absorb it. For berber or sculptured carpets, you may have to press down harder. Turn the paper towel as the wax being absorbed becomes saturated. Be patient, this process takes time. If is is a stubborn spill, and you have absorbed all of the wax and there is still some residue, try to gently pick out as much of the remainder as you can. It may help to apply an ice cube to the stain and re-harden wax. Be aware that some carpet dyes may fade when water is applied. If you still have some wax in your carpet you may wish to call a professional carpet cleaning company.