which is best for investnment fd (fixed deposit) or mutual fund?

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December 31, 2006 8:10am CST
which is best for investnment fd (fixed deposit) or mutual fund?
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31 Dec 06
It depends on what risk you are willing to take. If you wasnt a return that is lower,but fixed and guaranteed, then go with a fixed deposit. If you can afford to take a risk, then you can invest in a mutual fund, which will give you a better chance for a higher return. With a mutual fund, the money is put into a fund which has holdings in several types of sectors (financial,retail,transportation,medical,oil). And in the sectors, there are several different companies thet the fund invests in. The good part of this is that if a few companies are doing poorly, there is a good chance that other holdings are doing better, to offset the loss(all or some). And because of this, there is a better chance for a higher return on your investment. Now the other thing you will look at, is the type of fee that is with the mutual fund. A front end load (which you pay a feww when you open), a bavk end load (which the fee is paid when you close the account), and a no load (which you pay no fee, but there is a maintenance cost). A no load fund will also offer a smaller return than the others, but it is not that much. Talk to a financial advisor, eho can be found at your financial institution, for more information. Good luck.