Experts agree: air strikes won't stop Iran.

@andygogo (1580)
December 31, 2006 9:18am CST
Draft and invasion must be ahead. This opinion piece appears in the New York Times today. All the experts agree that Iran can only be slowed with air strikes, and President Bush and Vice President Cheney have pledged to wage pre-emptive war against threats to America's security, like Iran. Even Secretary of State Dr. Codelezza Rice agrees that "we don't want the next smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." Sure, America is losing the war in Iraq. That's why Iran is so neccesary. Casualties from Iran will make military service in Iraq the place that future draftees compete for. Just as in Iraq, to assure that nukes and bio/chem weapons are not given to terrorists, the terrorist society will have to be destroyed and a new, peaceful society rebuilt in its place. After the next 9/11, draftees will be inducted and Iran will be conquered.
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