Do you read EVERY day?

@ezzrssi (11195)
December 31, 2006 10:23am CST
i don't and you?
4 responses
@apostrofy (661)
• Romania
31 Dec 06
since u only ask if we read every day, and not what we read, then yes i read every day. mylot disscusions and brief news on the internet :P
@InetA1 (69)
• Israel
31 Dec 06
I read book every two mounts but i read the news paper every day.
@tkwrex (46)
• Australia
31 Dec 06
I would love to read books magazines and newpapers everyday.....they really help me to improve my reading skils along with other things like current affair and things like that. when I was young, I used to read like tons of books such as books about martial art, science fiction, relationship and etc.... you know, I learned a whole lot from them. I really don't understand sometimes that the reason why I stopped my reading habbit...It's so weird, maybe that's because I have many things else to do instead....
@myklj999 (18383)
31 Dec 06
Everyday. Like 24/7/365. It helps improve my intelligence and my vocabulary and opens me up to new images and ideas I may otherwise have missed.