@ozkid92 (550)
United States
December 31, 2006 11:13am CST
do you work out? what do you work out for? to lose weight? to build muscle tone? i work out for muscle. what methods do you use, and what machines? i have a benchpress, leg curl bar, tredmill, and the Ab Lounger 2. i spend about 5 minutes on each one, then 10 on the tredmill. i do this cycle twice a day (takes me about an hour a day). ive gotten pretty good results. could be better haha. how are your results?
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@wildguy2 (1349)
• Canada
31 Dec 06
I hadn't been working out for awhile but just started getting back into it again, I do it to do both lose weight and to tone my muscles again, I use a combination of free weight and exercise, usually doing about 100-150 situps each day, 25-50 pushups and then start into bench presses arm curls, butterfly curls etc. Then stair climbing and speed walks.