the customer is always WRONG!

a chained feeling, unfair treatment - such a waste of time
December 31, 2006 11:35am CST
when was the last time you boiled up and almost loose yourself? lately, i did, we were in a swimming pool and i made the reservation for my friends and sisters reunion, when this waiter at the same time watch guy did told me i cant swim coz im wearing a shorts with zipper, while i was just planning to take it off and for the mean time waiting for my friends who went ahead to take shower, so when they come out im the first to take pictures... coz i did take pictures first before indulging the event.. imagine, there are a lot of people swiming with long short pants and almost shirt like top, and its ok as long as the short pants is not of zipper thats their rule!.. while i... i heavens glory was wearing a 2 piece inside, and is planning to dip later... i was looking for the shower room to take pictures of my sister and friends and bringing my camera and he scolded me like a hell sh!t... "you cant get in the pool, coz your wearing short pants with zipper" a demanding tone.. then i told him why? he said i cant swim!! thats it... i was about to say im taking it off later coz i have a suit inside but he was like someone demanding me and telling such things... i asked politely why he moved so insultingly and starts to drive me away and he wont listen to my i was a pest to shooo! i was so pissed i started talking in a very loud voice.. and everyone starts to stare.. i did raised my voice .. asked him why me? while i am the only person in the pool who plans to wear a PROPER ATTIRE while the rest are in long shorts and stuffs... the mananger went... and the supervisor and they were the ones mad, telling me why i created a scandal... i said im just repremanding the ill mannered employee and thus practice my right as a customer..the managers are also very narrow and upsetting... they insisted i was wrong.. the talk ended up the pervert guy just wanted to see me strip infront of him.. customers like me were also upset for the same pervert attitude he does, he even watch women go to showers and he just stare at them like hes looking the lust of naked body.. the food and orders take more than an hour.. etc.. etc..if only he waited for me to remove the clothes i had, hes so judgemental, uneducated, cant speak english, and so annoying.. a pervert. i am swimmer and did had lessons and competitions in the city, while.., when i get in that place.. its a "province" and so uneducated then a lousy pervert ruined my party. even if he treated me that way i payed the bills gave extra but did left the paid 3 days 2 nights stay... they can eat the money. i avoided the place before i can shoot him. i want to file a case, but its a waste of my time because i dont live there.. it was a very poor management.. not oriented workers.. perverts are just everywhere and the place is like hell.. the food even sucks, i bet they never knew im a cook and their food was a total mess.. i was refered there because people told me its new and very nice, but it never fascinates me, its so ordinary and terribly sucks.. the boil and the tension stress they gave me,..can never be compensated.. i hope theres a karma for to wait, i was so pissed.. we went to another hotel, and the service was much better.. i just shared my most boiling experience, i never had that for years since i was born.. it was a total mess and i will never go back to that place again..
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