Earth 100 years from now ...

September 28, 2006 6:00am CST
will be very different 100 years from now .. we cannot even imagine the kind of technological advancements would have occured .. there will be robots of the size of nanometres which when injected in the bloodstream will purify the oxygen so efficiently that we would be able to hold our breaths under water for 4-5 hrs VERY EASILY .. people will be able to design their babies by genetic engineering before the child is born .. its already sort of possible .. physics will be developed enough for us to travel forward in time .. not backward .. only forward .. we will be able to travel far in our galaxies at velocties close to the speed of light .. the list is just endless .. provided we dont destroy ourselves before all this happens .. there are lot of things about which people dont know .. in about 200 yrs .. the earth's magnetic field will flip a 180 degrees causing the ionosphere to vanish away completely there by causing skin cancer to every living species on the planet .. so in the next 200 yrs .. we need a solution for this problem as well .. if you wanna discuss more ask me to and i'll start off haha
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