How many hours do you sleep in a day?

@nxv1982 (150)
December 31, 2006 2:30pm CST
I useually sleep 10 hours a day.
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@sweetlady10 (3619)
• United States
31 Dec 06
I sleep 8-10 hours a day. I love to sleep. Specialy I don't like to awake up int the early mornning.
@nxv1982 (150)
• India
2 Jan 07
Great... have a sweet dreams
• India
12 May 11
i usually sleep 10-12 hours a day
• Indonesia
31 Oct 08 for it varies from time to time....when i dont have much to do in online or offline business then i can sleep about 6 hours a day... but when i'm on tight schedule for shipment and, production,and exporting then i can't een sleep for 3 day in a row...... so sleep is so precious as for me.....i'll use it wisely if i got some spare time
• Philippines
28 Oct 08
sometimes as few as 30 minutes, sometimes as much as 18 hours.
@Bebs08 (10689)
• United States
12 Jun 08
No, I'm not sleeping at day time. Only at night. I usaully have 5-6 hours sleep every night.
@ssh123 (31103)
• India
7 Jan 07
I sleep for 8 hours a day and it is very important one should have a fixed timing to go to bed and get up at a fixed time. This will help maintain a good health.
@nicedevil (685)
• Italy
31 Dec 06
9 hours