Ashamed of Classical music?

@anyablue (363)
United States
December 31, 2006 2:47pm CST
I just found out a friend of mine never admits he likes classical music. I was wondering if this is his own insanity or are there others who are embarrassed by classical music. Does being young in our rock/rap world make it difficult?
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31 Dec 06
I suppose it depends who you know and whether they will think you are a bit of a geek. In the UK, classical music is seen as music listened to by the middle-classes. It is always played at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, The Opera House in Covent Garden, which are expensive places to go and not seen as trendy by the youth. Also young people join groups they can identify with and this includes the music they like. I'm sure alot of the youth aren't even exposed to classical music very often unless they play an instrument or are studying it. Or even worse, if their parents listen to it. We are hardly ever into what our parents like when we're young! Your friend should't feel ashamed. Each to their own. Although I remember telling my friends I liked opera and they thought I was wierd. I think its good to have a mixture of taste, especially as you get older and stop headbanging or streetdancing!!
@gifana (4836)
• Portugal
31 Dec 06
Why should anyone be ashamed of liking classical music. I think one should be ashamed of liking noise like rap, hip hop, heavy metal and the like. You young people are gonna be deafer than Beethoven at the rate you all are going. It really amazes me when I can hear a neighbor coming home when he is two blocks away. Why do you have to have it so loud and piercing. The composers of yesteryear are fantastic and can plunge you into a world of music that is soothing not only to the ear but also to the soul. I will add, however, that I am not to keen on modern classical music which I see as pure and unadultered cacophony. Happy Year and by all means tell the world you like classical music it shows that you have some culture and very good taste.