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December 31, 2006 8:36pm CST
Until a few years ago I depended on rental houses to live in.NOT easy to find and NOT affordable when you do.YET; I drive around and see many places sitting empty and some rotting to the ground empty and neglected.Who owns these kinds of places and why do they let them just sit empty while people sleep in the streets,under bridges,or wherever they can find safe to lay?!!! Then there are those that do have a place to rent but they want to become rich from it so poor folks like me cant make the rent.I have lived in some hideous places that werent fit for dogs;because thats all I could afford.If I had an empty house,trailer or apt. I had rather see someone have a home and pay what they could rather than let it sit empty. And why can't towns take empty buildings where businesses have "relocated" or gone bust and make them into living spaces??? In my town I see sooooo many empty buildings and know so many that need a decent home.Especially after Katrina.Does this bother anyone else?
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@birthlady (5613)
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1 Jan 07
Empty buildings are everywhere and property owners take a tax write off on them. Some ARE for sale, so next time you see a house that's empty, write down the address and check the property status, maybe its been foreclosed and its a real-estate-owned (REO) property that you can buy for pennies on the dollar. Do your homework!
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2 Jan 07
I DO my homework BL; I did a YEARS worth of homework before God blessed us with what we have now. But not everyone that needs a home has the knowledge of how to check on owners,etc.And I very well understand the upkeep on a rental; I managed apartments for 10years.And I find that most of the time; people had rather a property rot and fall than to NOT make a PROFIT from it.And the homeless remain so.
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@jenbatres (800)
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3 Jan 07
That bothers me as well, I also become bothered that America as a country feels the need to help the rest of the workd when so many Americans are homeless, poor, and living paycheck to paycheck.
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