A Slightly Different New Year's Discussion

United States
December 31, 2006 10:54pm CST
Okay, most interesting or entertaining New Year's story. For me: Back in 1999/2000, I was living in Boston. I was invited to go into the city for First Night, a friend's family had been given a family pass for four. There were only three members of their family, so I was invited along. My friend K and I headed out into the festivities at around eight o'clock, after dinner at the hotel we were staying at. We managed to watch the parade and then go Jewish folk dancing. After that, I had to use the bathroom. The catch? We couldn't find a bathroom. So we went looking. And looking. Nowhere had a bathroom open. Stores were closed down for the holiday, restaurants were uncooperative, we couldn't find a single fast food joint. It's going on 11 o'clock. She's telling me to use an alley, I won't do it. Finally, we find a bathroom in a shopping complex. The problem now? We were hopelessly lost. We missed the fireworks, we missed the orchestra, we missed everything that was going on. And we didn't make it back to the hotel until 3 AM - because we couldn't find it. But on the way we were sprayed with beer by some homeless men, and a German man groped us and asked for a kiss. So what are your unusual New Year's stories?
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4 Jan 07
Well, nothing as interesting as that has ever happened to me, but my friend DID wet herself one new year's eve...she was probably just excited...right?