rights to history

@andygogo (1580)
December 31, 2006 11:28pm CST
RIGHTS TO HISTORY It's just as naive to talk about human rights as it's realistic to talk about history rights. An outstanding case in point is Saddam Hussien. On Chinese TV, he's a good guy. Back to America, bad guy. Recent court action showed him actually ok. Then the latest CNN Special convicted him, based on America's self-serving rights to history. This case might have been closed for me, had not for the lingering memory of an evil empire's turning teddy bear overnight. It seems it was never history, but the rights to tell it that form our impression of the world. With the recent controversy involving China and Japan each writing their own version of history, some intervention by the international community is needed to settle this question of history rights. Obvious it would be best, with respect to conflict of interests, the rights for any country to tell his own history, or his story, should be taken away from him. But countries have known to go to war to defend such rights. In fact, the prize for winning wars is exactly such rights. And the most barbaric of the barbarians always the ones that won wars. Since national self-interests have twisted and turned history pretty much beyond recognition, we need to ask us the tough question: do we really care that much about history? Instead of risking letting the falsified past to dictate a disastrous future, shouldnt we repackage it to welcome the best possible future we can envision? There is no reason we cant do that, really. Who's the boss here, anyway?
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