japan announces they will build a missile "defense" system.

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January 1, 2007 2:08am CST
CC-Bao Exclusive Report of answers to a recent interview between this reporter and a China Daily Forum participant with the pseudonym of "canchin." The intial question asked - which unfortunately resulted in a three-hour tirade...most of which is not suitable for such a family publication as CC-Bao or the China Daily...was: "What is your view of the situation?" The relevant - and printable - extract from that answer, follows: "Following hot on the heels of the outburst by an escapee from one of japan's many insane asylums that China is a growing threat (and I would like to sue because I was laughing so hard I spilled my wine and it stained my carpet), the closet warmongers in japan have once again peeked out of the closet and announced they will cooperate with America in building a missile system to "protect" themselves from a China invasion. It is no doubt an awfully good thing that I am just a foreigner in China with no political clout whatsoever because I would be promoting a copying of the American model of invade and murder to counter a threat and already today from okinawa to hokkaido japan would just be a parking lot. I would be advocating a pre-emptive strike against japan so they would not be able to again become a danger to Asia people. I would not do as some "other" countries do and hire a proxy to do so, I would suggest doing it full bore - and with the glorious flag of China painted proudly on the side of the weapons used to generate more parking space for the incredible number of new cars now in Asia. I would of course advocate borrowing the America idea of arresting all japanese in China and seizing their property and funds and placing them in internment camps (yes, I can call them internment camps instead of prisons because that is the standard usage of PC language) and let the detainees (again, fully PC-compliant) rot for a couple of years. the only thing perhaps that I would do differently would be to distribute that property and those funds to the people - as is the China way - instead of giving it to cronies of the government or to members of the government as was done by America. Some things would just have to change to reflect the differences between China and America. So yes, a very good thing that I am just a foreigner in China with no political clout." ===== CC-Bao Addendum: We have a dedicated group of staff members that have agreed to work through the holidays going over the transcript of the interview to see if there is anything else printable that we can add
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1 Jan 07
good for Japan!! This is a very great country and i like it very much