I broke up on New Years

United States
January 1, 2007 2:40am CST
This is the hardest thing ever my girlfriend is moving and i cannot do the long distance thing. She is leaving on the 10th of January. We broke up on the 31st of Dec. I am entering the new year with a broken heart... as I type this I am drunk and confused. Should I just quit my job and go with her? I nvr loved anyone this much.
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• United States
1 Jan 07
Oh sh1t, that's a tough one. You need to know why she's leaving and see if she feels the same way about you. This is going to be one of the most difficult decisions of your life, and I'm right there with ya. Going through a similar situation myself so I'm not gonna be much use to ya. sorry.
@cheenlly (3483)
• Philippines
1 Jan 07
Oh! it is really not good. im sorry to hear that. if your happy with her and she is really worth it then follow what your heart says. Besides job is job you can find another if you want it but true love is not that easy to find. If what you feel is true love then dont let it go but be sure she also feel the same as you are, so you wont regret it in the end.
@cokyjazz (429)
• Australia
1 Jan 07
When you are sober and thinking straight,then you will find the answer.Can you just drop everything and follow her?Maybe you can let her go and follow her later when you find work there etc.You dont want to blame her if things dont work out for you there but seriously if you feel so strongly about her,it's a relationship not worth losing until you have tried everything to keep it.You only live once. Could you live with wondering what if?? How is she taking the breakup?
• Romania
1 Jan 07
that depend on you.If you thinck that she worth this then do it.If you love her so much and she love's you to then don't let enithinck come between you.Did you talk with her about this?Maybe she has an opinion to.maybe it's better to tacke together a decizion.