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hawaiian food - raditional hawaiian food such as kalua pig, lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, and modern favorites such as the loco moco, Spam misubi, Portuguese bean soup, curry stew, tropical drinks, and more.
January 1, 2007 4:50am CST
Hawaii Food and Drink Hawaiian food is based on chicken, pork, seafood and local fruit and vegetables cooked using traditional methods. Special condiments and spices are used (see below). Much of the food available on the islands is basically American with oriental influences brought in by the assortment of ethnicities that make up the population. The classic traditional Hawaiian feast is the 'luau',based around a puaa kalua (whole pig) that has been shaved and rubbed with rock salt on the inside. It is then placed on chicken wire, filled with hot stones from the fire, and cooked in an imu (pit) along with sweet potatoes, plantains and sometimes laulaus (pork, butterfish and spinach-like taro shoots wrapped in leaves and steamed). The steam is prevented from escaping by encircling the pig with banana and coconut husks and taro leaves and covering the pit with wet burlap bags. The cooking process takes about 6 hours. The kaluapig is eaten with fingers and is accompanied by the traditional Hawaiian poi (thick paste made from ground taro), opihi (a salty, black, clam-like mollusck and lomi lomisalmon (salmon rubbed with an onion and tomato marinade). Chicken luau comprises tender chicken pieces cooked with taro tops and coconut cream. Garnishes include limu (seaweed), paakai rock salt and chopped roasted kukui nuts. Local seafood includes moi (mullet) ulua, opakapaka (pink snapper), lobster and yellow fin tuna. Hawaiian breakfast specialties are macadamia nuts and banana and coconut pancakes with coconut syrup. Fresh fruit and nut ice creams or sorbets make excellent desserts.
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2 Jan 07
Sate - sate, indonesian food
well....i never taste hawaaian food before, might be someday if i go there. But is the taste not too different with our asian taste?
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2 Jan 07
i also never eat before, may be hawaii residence can give us some consclusion,is there hawaiian here? what is sate?how about the taste? it looks so yummy.