To the President of the United States of America

@andygogo (1580)
January 1, 2007 4:52am CST
Now that you have settled into your second and final term as President may I suggest that you take time to reflect on the domestic and international front and make a very strong attempt to radically change the course that you are currently on. You have the power as President to make this correction and save so many lives not only within our borders but outside as well. Congress will back you if you get rid of the ones that are just using you to manipulate others and make a mess of this whole planet. Its ok to be wrong with a decision as long as you recognize it and make the change. Listen to reason and to God to help you stay the course. The American people will stand behind you thru fire and brimstone if it is done to help save and defend the defenseless and right the wrongs that so many others have been successful in making happen. The world depends on us as do we Americans depend on you to guide us thru the dark into the light. God has chosen you to be a beacon of hope and do what is right. The wars we fight abroad and the mismanagement of laws that have gotten your advisors into trouble is unfortunate but can be resolved if you stand on your on feet and be a President, a Leader to all. I know you can do it once you get rid of the leaches and ego boosters around you. I am an American citizen and a Patriot and will support my President to the end. You were elected by the people to watch over us so I thought it only my right to inform you of my concern and hope that at least you will listen to one citizen of this great country and do the right thing. Take a look at the budget, the branches of government and other areas that are controlled by you and make a change. You need to be a leader and not a follower of others. There are those that are watching you and judging you for your deeds but remember that the only judge that will judge you will be God. Use the Constitution as your guide and stop playing so much and be serious. History will record but we are alive here in America waiting for you to lead!
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