The Magic Of The Mountains.

January 1, 2007 5:15am CST
My husband and i went up to the mountains for our honeymoon. He wanted to show me where he had grown up, and the most beautiful place in the world. While there, I found peace, Contentment larger than any one could feel being anywhere else. When it came time to leave i felt like i was leaving my only home, and after 5 and a half months i still feel empty not being there, We're going up every year and continuing our honeymoon, but i just can't wait. My athsma went away when i was up there, and i saw how amazing it can be, The weather unpredictable, but anjoyable at the least, the colors, and Beauty, so picturesque, just amazing. I saw so many things, so much love, and hope it just drew me... But something that confused me was how much spirituality it drew out of you, How it seemed to make your gifts stronger, and how it brought out everything good in a person. You can see things that you may be closed to here, not just in nature and such but in things like spirits, and true mother nature, you can see right into the skies, even on a clouded moment, and you can touch the clouds... People may not believe in gifts and spirituality, but you'll either come out scared, or amazed and tranquil. Anyone have any awesome experiences, scary or inbetween or otherwise, feel free to share, I'll never get tired of mountain talk. Blessed Be.
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@cwgiii (58)
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4 Jan 07
this is so true I have expierienced 1st hand in NY VA and stone MTN in GA I have some awesome pics if you would like I will send the links.