January 1, 2007 6:11am CST
We have seen and met lot of people who sings for people, money, fame. Is there anyone who sings for oneself?? Do you do it? I do it, I sing for myself only and no one else. The reason I do this, "I am a bathroom singer, lolol". What about you?
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@sunshinecup (7881)
1 Jan 07
I sing for my husband, girls and my mother. I like my voice, I beleive I have been blessed with a wonderful talent. Because of so, I like to only do it for those I love. To do it for fame or for money would demean it for me. It's like my special little secret only for those I feel very close to.
• India
1 Jan 07
Thats a gr8 thing I have ever heard. Keep it up. So wot do u sing, may I know?