Why is it in Australia

January 1, 2007 6:44am CST
Why is it in Australia that most of the good programs get cut off for the sake of reality shows???? Charmed, Stagate SG1, Stargate Atlantis,Star Trek all get booted of the free to air TV for the sake of all these crummy shows....
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@multisubj (451)
• India
20 Feb 07
Could you kindly explain the term "Reality Show" ? What do they contain? What messages do they give to viewers? Are they road shows?
• Australia
21 Feb 07
Reality Show. These shows in Australia are the ones that supposedly ordinary people and put them into awkward or competitive situations; examples of this would be 1. Big Brother - Where a group of people are put into a house and watched 24 hours a day, with the viewers watching being able to vote for they would like to getrid of or keep. 2. Biggest Loser- a program that takes a group pf overweight people and puts them on a strict diet and exercise program for all the country to watch 3. Survivor - a show where a group of people are put together to live in a remote area, see them form and deform friendships, the group on the show however vote to get rid of one of the members
• Australia
11 May 07
reallity shows are where the tv company gets a few people together to make fools of themselves to attempt to win a prize pool. examples of this are called "Big Brother" , "Biggest Loser" , and there are heaps of others
• China
15 Jan 07
hi i am not from australia but i think i dont anything about people in that tv shows but i will try to watch for your answer