if you became ??????????? then what you do

January 1, 2007 7:03am CST
if you asked to became chief minister or prime minister or president of your country or state . i mean to say complete responsibility hand over to you (power of atorney) all sdecision will be taken by you what you do. there is movie in India name NAYAK where this type of situation has shown, will you do like that movie is it practically possible .
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• United States
25 Jul 07
The first thing I would do is to allow gay marriage. The second thing I would do is to lower taxes on homes. After the hurricanes here in Florida the taxes on homes have gotten out of hand. People can not afford the homes that they live in. The rent on apartments have also gone up. The third thing I would to is make the insurance companys drop rates. I mean last year it was just over $2,000 for insurance on our 3 bedroom home. Now they want over $3,000 to insure our home. This is getting out of hand. Our government has told the insurance companys to drop rates but it just keeps going up. And if it dose not go up people are being dropped and being left without insurance.
• India
5 Aug 07
very good response sir
• United States
5 Aug 07
Thank you, It is just the way I feel. I don't think our government is doing anything to help.
• Pakistan
1 Jan 07
i'll hve more med colleges.... :D
• India
4 Jan 07
thanks for response and any special rule for admission :-)