AREA 51!!!!

September 28, 2006 10:29am CST
what really happens there, do you think aliens really exist? how long has the government known for???
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• China
28 Sep 06
This is a hard one. There is so much disinformation put out about the place that unless you know someone who's directly connected to the area, you'll probably never know. It seems to be a necessity for people to belive in a diety but this goes so deep in the collective conscious. If they can't believe in the 'fabricated' gods of religion then it'll be lifeforms from another world, or something. There is compelling evidence that we have been influenced by off-worlders and that our genetic stock may, in part, be theirs. So if they were with us once, why not now? I do know that 'jets' have been recorded flying,high level, at Mach 12 in the Area 51 zone -- there is no existing technology that allows an aircraft(as we know it) to fly at this speed. Given the current level of evolution of our race, would you feel good about letting them loose in the galaxy? I mean-- we're a virus! And if the off-worlders are in cohoots with the Americans I don't know if I want to know about them! As I consider US foreign pollicy towards other nations to be downright predatorial and barbaric. There's a more than fair chance that we are not the only life forms in the galaxy, to consider that we are the only ones is an extremely arrogant point of view. Governments are experts at hiding information and only informing the population, who voted them in, of half-truths. Whatever is known-- you can guarantee it won't be shared with many -- it's on a need to know basis only.